Bash script to migrate all KVM or Xen virtual machines to another host with virsh/libvirt

I’m working on setting up two fully redundant servers to host all sorts of services from the house. Most of the HA is automated via keepalived scripts, but I needed another one to automatically migrate all VMs from one host to another using libvirt. This is analogous to putting an ESXi host in “maintenance mode”. I thought I share the bash script I threw together.

First make sure you can successfully migrate manually then replace the $HOST variable with your target host and give it a shot. The script will first migrate all live VMs and then do an offline migration of all powered off VMs. Enjoy!



echo Migrating all VMs to $HOST

for VMS in `virsh list --name`; do echo Migrating VM $VMS live && virsh migrate --live --persistent --undefinesource $VMS qemu+ssh://lyasnode1/system; done

for VMS in `virsh list --all --name`; do echo Migrating VM $VMS offline && virsh migrate --offline --persistent --undefinesource $VMS qemu+ssh://lyasnode1/system; done

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