Cisco call manager and asterisk online VoIP audio converter

Convert your audio files online to a format supported by Asterisk, Cisco, and other VoIP/on-hold systems. Simply upload your audio file and download the new copy!

Frequently at work and at home I need to convert audio files into a compatible format to use with either Cisco Call Manager, Contact Center, or Asterisk for your MOH (message on hold), IVR (interactive voice response), and other types of pre-recorded messages. Most methods you’ll find on the internet are tutorials involving audacity, but I developed this tool to offer a very simple yet flexible solution to getting any format of audio file you may have converted into a compatible format for whichever type of VoIP phone system you may be using.

In the form below, you can upload an audio file and download a converted copy in a format compatible with your phone system. Supported formats include WAV, GSM, ULAW, ALAW, G722, and SLN. I’ve tested the default WAV format in call manager and asterisk and it plays in most media players so it is what I would recommend. The WAV is actually a ulaw encoding with a wav extension, but everything seems to like it. The FFmpeg command used to perform the conversion on another system will be displayed should you choose to do so.


  • Compatible with any input FFMPEG supports
  • Supported formats include WAV, GSM, ULAW, ALAW, G722, and SLN
  • All output formats are single channel (mono) with an 8kHz sample rate and 64kbps Bitrate (except GSM which is 13kbps and asterisk wav is 128kbps)
  • No tools to download
  • No tutorials or complicated instructions to follow
  • See what your recording sounds like over the phone

Please leave a comment if you found this tool useful. I’d also like to hear from you if you experience any issues, if you’d like me to support additional output formats, or if you have any other feature requests. Happy encoding!

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64 thoughts on “Cisco call manager and asterisk online VoIP audio converter”

  1. It was great when the old Windows CCM would auto convert just by dropping a high quality file into the MOH folder. Every audio converter/editor I use (albeit freeware) adds noise for the same 8K/8bit mono ulaw file. THIS IS SO CLEAN AND EASY! Great tool, thank you! A+++

  2. Very nice, I like it!

    ‘WAV (Cisco)’ also works with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CME aka UCME) for music on hold. You can copy the converted file directly from the URL this site provides to the CME flash (as long as your CME can access the Internet) – ‘copy http:// flash:’

  3. Worked like a CHARM! Thank you for offering this free service… I converted a wav file to a Talkswitch on hold music file in no time. Cheers

  4. Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for many of the “audio conversion” apps to do…and they didn’t. I will be back!

  5. Big thanks for the tool! Worked as expected 🙂 Any chances of creating an offline version of it?
    Thanks again!

  6. Hey there,
    Tried it twice, but all I get is a page with black background and a player that won’t work. What am I doing wrong? How do I get an option to download the converted file? (I’ve uploaded a wave file I need to convert into CCITT U-LAW)

    1. You most likely converted to a format with a wav extension that is associated with a particular program that doesn’t support the codec. Regardless, your browser should let you right click the download link and select an option like “Save Link As…” (FireFox) or “Save target as…” (Internet Explorer).

      1. (chrome) 🙂

        Thanks, didn’t think of saving it this way. I have no idea if it works fine, because I cant play that file, but hopefully it’ll do the trick once it’s uploaded to the CISCO system (I don’t have one, I’m just the Voice Over).

    1. You do not need to register. Please provide some details about the problem you’re having so I can offer some assistance.

  7. Hi,

    It’s hard to find articles that are on the same page as I am on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks and if you’re in need of a guest blogger, I’d love the opportunity!


  8. Hello.. I was trying to use your online audio conversion tool to convert an MP3 file.. Entered information for all the correct fields entered the security challenge and submitted my request..

    I see no where I can retrieve the converted file. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. After you click Submit, a download link for your audio file should appear just below the form. You can also use the ffmpeg command displayed beneath that to do the conversion offline with you own local copy of ffmpeg. If you’d like to send me screenshots of the problem you’re having or just send me a copy of the file and I’ll convert it for you, feel free to email me directly at Thank you for taking the time to report a potential problem with the site. I’m considering developing a new version soon that will support multiple uploads simultaneously as well as some additional filter options and formats. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

  9. You’re amazing. How does ffmpeg work so well to convert these without hiss? Audacity and Audition both failed while this method worked flawlessly.

    1. I wish I could take credit for the great results from ffmpeg, but all I’m doing here is providing a front end wrapper for the not so user friendly ffmpeg command line executable. I fell in love with ffmpeg a few years ago while I was working on a live video project, and I’ve learned so much about so many different codecs, containers, and protocols during my research and tinkering. The features hosted on this site don’t even scratch the surface of ffmpeg’s amazing capabilities.

    1. I am looking at my logs now and I see quite a few 403 errors starting in late October. That may be when I upgraded my wordpress. Let me know if the errors continue. Is it intermittent? How were you able to comment? Feel free to contact me directly at Thank you!

  10. I get as far as inputting all my information including browsing to the file, inputting the captiva, then I hit submit and I receive the 403 error. I did have success this morning before 8 am from my home. Then I tried again from my office thinking my company’s firewall may be interfering but I have not been able to have a file converted either from home or my work since.

    1. I am still seeing some errors. The issue seems to be intermittent because it isn’t happening very frequently. I’ve made some more changes. Let me know if the problem persists. I will likely separate this tool from wordpress with it’s own domain if it continues. Keep me posted. Thank you.

  11. i am using UCCX System version:
    when i am using previous wav format which was existing is working But when i am adding new audio after converting as cisco WAV format it is not playing. i have test with many audio format tools to convert CCITT u-Law, 8 kHz, 8 bit mono is not working, why? any idea.

    1. If it’s not working with several tools, it sounds like something is somehow wrong on your end. You can try using ffprobe to output the information about your known good files and the ones that aren’t working and see if you can find a difference.

  12. Hi, Is the land line audio check no longer an option? I get a Eastport, NY number for a closed Papa John’s pizza. I’m a voice talent contractor with no access to my employer’s Cisco CM. Also, it appears that I can convert an Audacity .aiff ulaw wave file to a Cisco format .wav. But have not tested with my contractor’s engineers. Thanks. KW

    1. It actually hadn’t worked in a while. I made some storage changes in the past that broke it, but your comment finally motivated me to fix it. I really didn’t think it was ever getting used. My wife is actually a district manager for papajohns and one of her stores was closed for repairs. I set up my asterisk system for them to redirect their calls and hear the message you were listening to. Haha 🙂 You should be good to go now. Thank you for commenting!

  13. Have been using SoxWrap but it no longer works on my MacPro. Converted our christmas phone message from m4a to wav(Asterisk) and it worked first time. Many thanks and Happy Christmas

  14. Dear Lyas… Magic indeed… and most importantly – what noone yet mentioned – SIZE… If You have 200k.. most other converters will convert to 400k+, which Cisco Media Server will reject… Yours keeps an original size ! Double the Kudos to Your Ingenuity.. !
    You mentioned that You’ll develop one for multiple uploads.. Is there a Beat version… ? My Company decided to re-record all IVRs… – I could test it out for You.. if You prefer.
    Thanks much for a beatiful & robust Piece of Sofware that overwhelms the rest…

    Warm Regards,
    Alex Nishberg,

  15. Dear,

    I used this tool before and worked great but at the moment it give me the error : Sorry, there was an error uploading your file.

    Can someone help ?

    Thank you


  16. Hi there,

    unfortunately the upload error is back again..i guess 😉
    Could you please resolve it? Thanks!


  17. Cool, resolved quite easily via this online tool, i have tried audacity, SOX or WaveShop, but none of them can convert the file to u-law like this online way, thanks.

    1. I will as soon as I get home. I noticed my NAS was down yesterday, but I won’t be back in town until the end of the week. I may try a temporary solution later today. Thanks.

    1. Fixed! I upgraded wordpress yesterday and had to do some post upgrade things. Thanks for letting me know.

  18. Thank you! This saved me some frustration and time wondering why Logic Pro would convert this file to something that would work with Asterix.

  19. Excellent. Converts without any distortion. I have the program (ffmpeg) but couldn’t work out the full command. Thank you for this.

  20. Hi, I have been using this platform for my G722 Conversions. For the past day or so, the files that I am converting are getting sped up to almost 50% on its own and when I choose the decrease speed option, the speed is fixed but the audio pitch is still up. Would appreciate you looking into this. Sending good vibes and thanks for this tool!

    1. I recommend you examine the command output provided after the conversion and download ffmpeg to do some testing manually by changing the parameters until you get the desired result.

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